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One of the most endearing images of the Middle ages is that of the Knight in shining armour, striving to do great deeds and prove himself in combat. It is not surprising then that combat re-creation should be a major feature of many re-enactment societies if, for no other reasons, than it is exciting, great fun and gives a grand spectacle! With it's romanticised slant on the middle ages the SCA is perfectly poised to recapture the image of the Knight errant rather than delve into the blood and slaughter of an actual period battle.

To this end we have based our primary combat style upon the 'Béhourd', a type of small scale, informal tournament fought with batons. Our aim is to allow a display of prowess and pageantry upon the field whilst avoiding actual injuries (one no longer gains accolades for returning home covered in blood)! This leads to an approach somewhere between a full contact sport and a martial art. In this style we fight in full armour, to protect vital areas from damage (and to cut down on bruising), using weapons made from furniture cane. The weapons thus approximate the weight of their historical counterparts without the risk of shattering into a mass of sharp points. Full speed blows are employed and victory is obtained by striking the head or body of one's opponent.

The spectrum of SCA combat activities also include fencing (similar but much more flexible than the Olympic sport), archery, and thrown weapons. We also have "boffers" for children who would like to participate.

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For information about fighting in the SCA and in history, visit the Reference & Articles page.
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